Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The Girls on the boat!

Water Fun!

Ramsey is supposed to be watering the grapes.

He enjoys watering himself alot more.

My little goofy kid!

Thats better! Doing what his was asked to do.

Roxee better watch out!

He got her!

Riley's Preschool Graduation

On the last day of school the kids had to bring their books that they had been working on for two weeks. Riley's book was titled "On the Farm All Week"

He is super excited to go to Kindergarten. Made me a little sad because he didn't seem to mind that he would never be going back to preschool. He did love his preschool though!

Riley and his preschool class. Carter ran off somewhere and there were a couple missing in this picture.

Fun day at Sand Hollow!

Ramsey covered in sand and loving every minute of it!

Riley givin us some cheese and his friend Abby

Ramsey not being very sure?

Riley and Roxee playin in a big hole that they found.

My sweet little princess loves the sand this year. She loves squishing her feet in it, throwing it, and EATING IT!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

I had a Blighted Ovum pregnancy/miscarriage.

So yesterday I went into the doctor because I have had some spotting. They did another ultrasound and told me it was a Blighted Ovum pregnancy. Which I found out they thought thats what was going on with my first ultrasound and thats why they scheduled the second one a few weeks later. I guess they have to give it time to make sure and confirm that there was not fetus and that it hadn't grown at all.
So once they determind I was in the process of having a miscarriage they gave me the option to have a D&C. So I did and now I am feeling fine. I was very sad at first but now Brandon and I are looking at it like a blessing in disguise. We were not ready for another child and so obviously heavenly father felt the same way. Emotionally we are handling it well and it makes sense now why I was almost possitive I should have been 12 weeks along and they said I only measured 6 weeks. Its because there wasn't really a fetus to measure. But of course they weren't going to tell me that until sometime went by and they could make sure of it before they told me any bad news.
So here is a little discription that I found online that kind of defines what a Blighted Ovum is in people terms:
Twenty percent of miscarriages are associated with gestational sacs in which there is no apparent embryo, yolk sac, or umbilical cord. This type of non-viable pregnancy is sometimes referred to as a "blighted ovum"—a term that we detest but that is still widely used in obstetrical circles.

Friday, May 8, 2009


So with Riley my pregnancy was pretty easy. At two days over due I was so done. Everynight I would eat a HUGE bowl of ice cream while watching the 9 0'clock new and the Simpson at 10. Then off to bed. Well, we stayed up late watching a movie one night and decided to go to bed. It was about midnight so I rolled my big belly over to kiss Brandon good night and on my rolling back I said "dang it, I think I tinkled my self hunny" When I stood up I realized I hadn't cuz now the entire floor was soaked. Yeah my water broke!!! Brandon says "seriously? Right NOW?" So being the smart butt I am said "no, how about tomorrow? YES! Of course RIGHT NOW!" So... Off to the hospital we went. Riley was born January 28, 2004 at about 8:55 a.m. I only

pushed for about 20 minutes so that was nice. He weighed 6 pounds and 3 ounces and was 19.5 inches long.

He was a pretty easy baby. I was only able to breast feed him for the first month because I wasn't producing enough milk. But, I was ok with it because my goal was at least a month. I never knew when he was teething until a tooth was suddenly there. He never seemed to fuss much. At about 7 months he started rolling to get to where he wanted to go. This contiued until 10 months. I didn't think he would ever crawl. But finally he did. For his first birthday we bought him one of those plastic trikes. He rode that "flinstone style" for three months before he started walking. He was a good 15 months old before he could walk. Ever since then he has been on a bike pretty much anytime he gets out side. He also started riding a two wheel bike at three years old. We took the training wheels of one day and he just naturally took off.

Riley is very loving and helpful with his brother and sister. He has always been and still is really excited with each pregnancy. He has never been to terribally jelous of them. Many of the things he does for them really suprises me. Like knowing when a toy is to small or if something is on the floor that they would choke on. He automatically picks the stuff like that up without being asked. Riley also has a super big personality. His preschool teacher tells me that he is kind of the class clown. Yet he doesn't know it and its not really disruptive. He also has really stepped up to his responsibilities. We got the kids bunnies for easter and Riley's job is to clean up their poo, make sure feeders are full, and give them a treat everday. He does it ever day without grumbling to much. He also has to pick up the living room everynight with Ramsey. If they both participate enough in their chores they will both receive a quarter. Usually Riley always get the quarter. Ramsey on the other hand sometimes just get a nickle. He is very good with Ramsey and only picks on him a little. He is now starting really to like having Ramsey around to play with. He beggs me all the time to "wake up Rams" so that they can play together. Riley also loves four wheeling. He has gotten pretty good on it. Most of his weekends are spent riding his little 50cc wheeler around our property. He also loves going to the lake and driving the boat. He loves to jump off of the back of the boat and never seems to mind the cold water. This year we hope to teach him to wake board but we will see. Skiing is going to probably have to happen first.

Riley I believe will always be my big hearted little boy. I can't wait to see what an awesome adult he will turn out to be. Yet I never want him to grow up.... I love you Buddy!

Thanks for the AWESOME inspiration!

There is another blog that I love to read and its by a mother I know that has four boys 5 years old and younger. She is an awesome mom and I hope that some day I can follow in some of her footsteps with my four kiddos. In trying to do so… She always on their birthdays writes a beautiful little biography about them and how she feels about them. Kind of like a tribute. So I loved that so I think I am going to try to do that also. Mine this year will obviously be late and I will try to catch up for the years past. As soon as I get one done I will post it!!! Yippie!!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Our Goofy Goobers!!!

Yesterday after playing in the bucket of water that Brandon used to wash his truck (YUCK!) the kids decided to dry off on the tramp. So Ramsey stripped down to his diaper and Riley went and changed in to PJ's. Not sure why but thats what they did. Anyways, Brandon received this funny text message and it had some goofy song in the back ground. I looked up from his phone to see the kids dancing like goobers. Usually the boys have pretty good rythm but obviously the song made them let it all go!!! This little clip is hillarious! Or is it? I am kinda partial so I love it! Enjoy!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

SUPRISE SUPRISE! I AM PREGNANT AGAIN!!! One of these days we will figure out what causes this.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Roxee + Tabasco = SCREAMING!

Ok so I know this is going to sound terrible but I did it for her own good. So for the past month Roxee has been chewing on the head board side of her crib. I have the teething protectors on her railings but they don't make anything for the curvy head board. After chewing all of the paint off she has now made it down to the wood. Looking at it she is getting little shards off and eating them. So in a panic wanting to put something on there so she would quit chewing and not wanting anything toxic on there I reached for the tabasco sauce. Trust me it is going to work. I can tell the second she starts to chew on it because I have never heard her scream like that. I feel bad but I am worried the wood is going to like cut her insides or give her slivers in her mouth.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Riley's 5th Birthday!!!!

January 28th, 2009
So for Riley's birthday we just had a simple birthday party. We all had hot dogs and just let the kids play. Riley's big gift from mom and dad was tickets to the Monster Jam Monster Truck Show in Salt Lake on February 14th. (happy valentines to US!!) He was really excited but didn't understand why he had to wait two weeks before he could see them. In the end it was all worth it!!

Riley got this cute hat from his preschool teacher and suprisingly enough he insisted on wearing it all day!!! This picture is of Riley Sorensen and our Riley Olds at the birthday party. These two boys love to hang out and have sleepovers together!!

All of the kids eating at the party. Riley also got a new skate board and other skate board items to go with it. Plus of course the Tec Deck board that he loves.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Roxee's 1st Birthday!!!

January 30th, 2009
My little sweet pea smiling in her new birthday outfit.

She loves sitting with her daddy. Well she actually loves doin ANYTHING with her daddy. She is a total daddy's girl!!!
Roxee pulling one of her many face's.

We got her a little tinkerbell cake to destroy!

Roxee in the process of destruction!

It was pretty funny to see her carefully licking the frosting
off her hand. Like she wasn't already messy!

Here she is trying to put tink back on the cake.

AND.... The aftermath of her mass destruction!!!


Monday, January 5, 2009

The Kids are trying to absorb all the cool things that santa brought!!!

Santa brought Roxee the fun activity center behind her. Grandma Kathy gave her the stroller and some cute outfits and most of the rest is from us (water baby, chevron cars, movies...). Gifts from GR&GR Olds, and GR &GR Sweeten aren't pictured. G&G Olds got her PJ's, Pillow with matching blanket, and a cute singing pupppy. G&G Sweeten got her a ball/hammer activity thing, and a baby doll.

Santa brought Riley a Nintendo DS lite, and an ATV game to go with it, plus some new tires for his Jeep Hurricane. Mommy and Daddy couldn't find the tires anywhere for the last several months so Santa made them "Special" just for Riley. Grandma Kathy got him new, sheets, blanket, and a comforter for his bed, and some clothes, and a hot wheels race track. G&G Olds got him a Mario game for his DS, PJ's, and a dog pillow with matching blanket. G&G Sweeten got him a digital camera and some tatoos. Mommy and Daddy did the monster truck DS game, Chevron Cars, movies, diecast motor cycle...
Santa brought Ramsey the Tickle me Elmo, and the Ride on Little Tykes Semi.

Christmas Fun!

This may be a rather long post so you will have to bare with me. I can not believe how much more fun Christmas is with little ones. We kind of became obsessed with the whole idea and may have done to much. I think as parents we actually enjoyed watching our children have Christmas than we ever did as kids. Not that our parents didn't create wonderful Christmas memories just that it is more fun to actually see the joy from a parents point of view.

The Olds' Grandkids in their Christmas eve PJ's. Grandma and Grandpa Olds do this every year.

Ramsey opening his PJ's. He wasn't sure what to think about getting clothes.

Riley loved his monkey snowboarding PJ's

Roxee of course loved getting new PJ's

This was the classic look of Roxee all morning opening presents. She decided eating them was more fun that anything!

We also didn't do a real "Christmas Breakfast". We just let the kids eat what ever! Horrible I know! Roxee picked rice crispy treats!

Riley ate a little candy but then still went for his cereal.

Ramsey apears to be eating cereal also, but if you will notice the chocolate all over his face. We counted at least 8 piece of fudge missing. My little chocolate monkey!

Our tree on Christmas eve. Presents from Mommy and Daddy, Grandma Kathy, and Aunt Shelly's family. We spoiled them but not that much!!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Enjoying the last of fall!

Kids riding around in their wagon! Daddy ended up pulling them for an hour because they all refused to get out!

Awwww! Riley sure loves to hold and take care of his little sister. Sometime he worries me when he carrys her around the house but she really doesn't seem to mind it.

We had so many pomegranites this year we didn't know what to do with them all. So I thought it would be a fun experience for Riley to have a stand and sell them. I must not have advertised it very well because the only "customers" he had was grandma, grandpa, and our neighbor Niles (because I called and told them to come buy some). hehehe. It was so cute because at first Riley picked Niles out four pomegrantes and tried to give hime 50 cents also. Then we explained to Riley that Niles was the one that was supposed to pay him. All in all riley made twelve dollars that day.

Brandon sharing his jacket with Roxee(10mo). Daddy was out watching the boys play in the yard and Roxee decided to wake up from her nap. So he didn't have time to put on her jacket (boys can't be unsupervised that long!) so he made due with just sharing his. I came home from the store to find my FAVORITE picture just waiting to be taken!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Catching up!

So here is Ramsey already following in his big brothers foot steps. He really was pushing the gas and figuring out the throttle. Daddy had to help him drive because he isn't quite strong enough to turn the handle bars, but he would not let daddy help him with the gas at all!

We did not do to much for halloween but I figure I better make a post about it since it is kind of a holiday. Riley had to be a ninja turtle, Ramsey was a dragon, and little Roxee was Tigger with a bow on her head(had to be a girl costume!). Grandma Kathy (my mom) came down to spend the weekend with us so she came with me to the trunk or treat at Lins. That was really lame! An hour wait for like 5 pieces of candy! After which we headed home and just went trick-or-treating around the neighborhood. Grandma stayed home and handed out candy so that Brandon and I could take the kids out. After we got back we got the kiddos to bed and Grandma insisted that Brandon and I go out to an adult halloween party. Which was really fun. Although we should have dressed up. Oh Well! At least we got out and had some fun.

After Halloween I rode with my mom back to Salt Lake so that I could take care of her after her heart surgery. We left Monday morning and come Tuesday morning while she was at the hospital my two babies woke up sick. They got what I had (strep and a cough). So after mom gets home Tuesday evening the work starts. Luckily it was a pretty simple surgery and she didn't need to much care. Between me and my kids being sick I already had my hands full. Not the greatest idea that mom and I have had. Me taking care of her with my three kids? We are all just crazy. The week went by and all was fine (I think?). Brandon came up on Thursday night and it had snowed a ton! So Riley had been patiently waiting all week for his dad so that they could build a snow man together. So early Friday morning that is what they did. Cute!

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